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Nucleus-Z Keyboard Shelf

Nucleus-Z Keyboard Shelf

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Nucleus-Z Player - Keyboard Shelf

The Nucleus-Z Keyboard Shelf is a removable shelf that matches the sleek profile of the Nucleus-Z desk, and gives you ample space for an 88 key controller, or a combination of computer keyboard, mouse and your favorite close-to-hand controllers and hardware.


NUC-Z-KBD Product Breakdown:

  • Internal Work Surface Stiffener
  • Slides completely under Explorer desk
  • Nucleus-Z Series Desks Designed and Manufactured in the USA


  • Part Name: NUC-Z-KBD
  • Part Number: 18114
  • Overall Width: 59.75in
  • Overall Depth: 22.39in
  • Overall Height: 27in
  • Worksurface Depth: 18in
  • Leveler Adjustment: 1in
  • Weight: 40.5lbs
  • 6.13in in between Explorer desk and Keyboard desk
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