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Nucleus 4 Studio Desk

Nucleus 4 Studio Desk

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Nucleus Series - Studio Desk - Base model, 24" extension, 12 space rack, 2nd Tier, 4 space rack, Keyboard Tray

The Nucleus Series modular workstations from Ultimate Support are here and represent a new solution for both professional and project studios. Starting with the highest quality base model in their price point, the Nucleus Series desks are made from high quality materials and allow you to expand your workstation as your needs grow- all while providing a quality level and feature base miles ahead of other desks at their price point.

Once you've built your studio around a Nucleus series workstation, the only thing you'll ever have to change is how many accessories you add to it. You don't have to settle for less to stay within your budget anymore.

The Nucleus 4 is the fully expanded model, and includes a single 24" extension on the left side, a 12 space rack cabinet on the right, the Nucleus Second Tier, additional 4 space rack unit, and a Keyboard Tray.


NUC-003 Product Breakdown:

  • Stylish and sturdy desktop constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • 12 Space Rack Under Desk
  • 4 Space Rack on Top of Desk
  • 2nd Tier
  • 24" extensions
  • Sonic Isolation and Decoupling on Desk Legs
  • Channels in Legs for Weight Management and Decoupling
  • Ultimate Support Sleek Design
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Modular Design



    • Part Name: NUC-004
    • Part Number: 18109
    • Overall Width: 101.79"
    • Overall Depth: 65.3"
    • Overall Height: 39.29"
    • Main Worksurface Depth: 24"
    • Main Worksurface Height: 29.5"
    • Second Tier Worksurface Depth: 12.12"
    • Second Tier Worksurface Width: 58.16"
    • Leveler Adjustment: .625"
    • Keyboard Surface Width: 30.60"
    • Keyboard Surface Depth: 9.76"
    • Keyboard Surface Travel: 17.7"
    • 19" Rack Cabinet Spaces: 12
    • 7" Rack Cabinet Spaces: 4
    • Weight: 219.75 lbs.
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