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Heritage Audio MCM-8 II

Heritage Audio MCM-8 II

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Heritage Audio MCM-8 II Summing Mixer

In 2015, Heritage Audio set a new standard in 500 Series enclosures with the addition of the OST technology. Further, we introduced the MCM8, a true transformer-based voltage summing mixer for 500 Series modules.Hundreds of units later, we have taken all our customer´s feedback and included it in the new version, the MCM8 II.

The main differences between this version and its predecessor are:Extra 500 series button per channel, allowing to bypass the 500 series module when mixing if desired. It also allows for quick comparisons between processed/ unprocessed signals. It also makes using the mixer with empty slots quite easier. Just un pressing the 500 button allows for this type of operation.Significant lower noise: A highly innovative, new quasi-balanced voltage summing topology sets the noise floor of the new MCM8 II touching the theoretical minimum. No more hiss into your mixes!

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