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KH 870 G Subwoofer with 7.1 Bass Management

KH 870 G Subwoofer with 7.1 Bass Management

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7.1 analog bass managed subwoofer

  • 7.1 High Definition Bass Management (remote)

  • Very deep bass response (18 Hz)

  • High maximum SPL (116.7 dB, 400 W)


The KH 870 is an answer to the demands by offering a 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager™. The flexibility of this bypassable 7.1 bass manager means it is also compatible with all standard consumer formats from mono through to the latest 7.1 HD systems.

Eight channels of analog ensures flexible interconnectivity for modern studios. Four-mode LFE-channel processing guarantees compatibility across all formats and industries. Forth-order crossovers and flexible acoustical controls allow for seamless system integration. Built-in volume control and a hardware remote control allows for centralized system control independent of the source, and the electronics can be remote located to reduce cabling. From Mono to 3D, there are uses for the KH 870 in many different system configurations.

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