KH 750 DSP D G Powered Studio Subwoofer

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Subwoofer with 2.0/0.1 Bass Management

  • Deep bass in a small space

  • The perfect complement to KH 80 DSP, KH 120 and KH 310

  • Optional tools to align and operate a complete Neumann stereo system



The compact KH 750 DSP is the ideal choice for smaller rooms and smaller studio monitors. It has a unique and flexible Bass Manager (2.0/0.1), analog and digital inputs, four routing modes and adaptable acoustical controls to be used in many different configurations.

In addition to its outstanding acoustic properties this DSP-based subwoofer offers functions for the Neumann monitors connected to its outputs regarding the interplay with the following tools:

  • Automatic Monitor Alignment – Automatic room correction of stereo systems using the Neumann MA 1 measurement microphone (software for Mac/PC)
  • Neumann.Control – Free iPad®-App for setup, operation, and room correction of stereo systems via guided and/or manual alignment

This also applies to all non DSP-based Neumann monitors connected (analog) to the KH 750 DSP, which enables them to make use of the subwoofer’s DSP power.

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