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The Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor uses the special T-Bar mod tube front end of the legendary Variable Mu® with same super smooth side chain and timing characteristics followed by a high voltage discrete and FET solid-state amplifying and output stage for a faster and punchier audio path. It is like a “clean” version of the Variable Mu, especially suited for modern digital and electronic music where you don’t necessarily need to color or mask the sound like we did in the early days of digital. 


Featuring Manley’s new HIP function, the Manley Nu Mu finesses dynamic control to bring up lower level details without knocking the life out of exciting transients. Smartly engineered to build efficiently and esthetically designed to elicit ravishing compliments from your clients, both visually and ergonomically, the Manley Nu Mu breaks new ground in performance and value, all proudly hand-built in California, of course!




"So: taking the smoothest & best version of the Variable Mu - the T-BAR mod where we use two 6BA6 Pentodes strapped as triodes to achieve characteristics just about identical to the revered 6386 tubes of the original version (or the Fairchild) - we have the same front end as the Variable Mu. From there we then go into high voltage discrete transistor and FET amplification and drive circuitry. No chips! So this is, yes, less expensive than the all-tube Variable Mu; and also being transformerless on the outputs, very much the clean version of the Variable Mu.

"Let’s think back to the early 1990’s when the Variable Mu first came out. Recording was a different world. There was still plenty of recording to tape occurring in the big studios. And then digital was not really excellent yet. It was flat sounding and a bit "glary". A big round heavy-handed vibey sound like The Variable Mu was exactly what was needed then. Skipping forward to today, we have really excellent digital converters, and of course it is our de facto standard now. So we don’t need this big masking sound for everything we are doing today, especially for electronic music / EDM where we want to retain super crisp and punchy sounds. We don’t want to add more vibe or slow down the sound. Thus a clean, fast and punchy solid state limiter compressor is what the world needs now. And here is what we have with the Manley Nu Mu. It also comes in well under $3,000, so yeah - for all of our individual musician and home recording customers, it is very well-priced for them."



As you can see from this graphic generated by our Audio Precision measurement system, both the LIMIT and COMPRESS reduction curves from the NU MU are remarkably similar to those from a T-Bar modded Stereo Variable Mu. Same curves, same legendary smoothness.

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